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Anime Inconsistently Admirable

Inconsistently Admirable heroes from anime.

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Cartoon Inconsistently Admirable

Inconsistently Admirable heroes from cartoons.

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Live Action Inconsistently Admirable

Inconsistently Admirable heroes from live-action.

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Video Game Inconsistently Admirable

Inconsistently Admirable heroes from video games.

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The wiki is about heroes who really past the admirable standard but have too many prevention, or maybe some.

Their evil counterpart is Inconsistently Heinous.


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Thehumilator23 Thehumilator23 9 minutes ago

IA Proposal: Sal Fisher

Now it's time for another possible IA candidate: Sal Fisher from Sally Face. Let's begin this proposal, shall we?

  • 1 What …

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JTGamer96 JTGamer96 35 minutes ago

IA Proposal: Spawn

  • 1 What is the Work?
  • 2 Who is Spawn?
  • 3 What makes him admirable?
  • 4 What makes him inconsistent?
  • 5 Verdict

Spawn is a monthly comic…

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